Meet the Amara Yoga Educators; they have thousands of hours of teaching experience and are part of your independent resource team to support the start of your Amara affiliate today.

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

Salimah Kassim-Lakha is a successful yoga entrepreneur, featured on CP24 and awarded Yoga Teacher of the Year by Natural Health Care Canada. She teaches Kundalini and Laughter Yoga in Canada, India, Dubai and the UK. As a Yoga Ambassador with Lululemon and founder of Yogapalooza, outdoor celebrations of Music, Movement and Meditation, she is experienced in teaching a wide range of students from children to seniors. Her corporate clients include The Steven and Chris Show, Indigo Books, Edelman, Toronto Housing Commission, Aga Khan Council for Canada, MacDonald’s Canada, and OPSEU Pension Trust. She is currently training as a Yoga Therapist at Amara Yoga School. Visit her website at

Izabela Kondylis

Izabela Kondylis is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga school, certified in Kundalini Yoga. She is fluent in English, Greek and Polish, and has taught classes in Italy, Poland, South Korea and Canada. Currently she teaches classes at the Zen Center on 134 Sixth Street in Toronto. She does private Yoga for client’s in their homes. Izabela is the owner of her own fashion design business, where she is creating a new Yoga wear collection. She is currently training to be a Yoga Therapist at Amara Yoga School, and her next goals are to create a Yoga Center in Poland and write a book to assist in the eradication of violence against girls and women around the world.

Snigdha Malik

Snigdha is a graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga and has been teaching Yoga in her private studio since 2003.
In 2009, she started her own business Yoga and Cooking with Snigdha. In addition to offering Yoga classes, she conducts Indian Cooking classes for individuals, families, bridal showers and corporations in a creative and fun environment. Snigdha played a key role in starting a fund raising program for the education of girls in Afghanistan. Snigdha believes education is a great door opener in creating awareness and achieving one’s potential. She is continuing her education at Amara Yoga School in the women’s studies program. You can contact Snigdha at

Kinga Burjan

Kinga teaches Kundalini Yoga in Norfolk and Oxford County in Ontario. She owns her own wellness business, teaches Yoga classes, hosts retreats and events, and develops organic food for well being and nutrition. She continues to add to her expertise through continuing education at Amara Yoga School in the Yoga Therapy and Yogic Natural Medicine programs. She is a member of Global Sadhana; participating in on going activist projects for the eradication of institutionalized violence of women and girls around the world. Kinga’s website is

Tina Jourdikian

Tina is a practicing R.N., having worked in many hospitals and clinics in the U.S.A. and Canada, including the northern territory of Nunavat in northern Canada.

She is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga. She is currently teaching in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan, offering specialized Yoga classes for women and children, as well as private, one-on-one instruction. Tina is continuing her education at Amara to become a Yoga Therapist and a Practitioner of Yogic Natural Medicine.

Micheline Trottier

Micheline is a graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga. She teaches classes at the University of Toronto, Woodsworth College and has been a fitness instructor at Goodlife Fitness for over five years. A member of Global Sadhana, she is currently developing a online Sadhana for women around the world. She is continuing her education in the Yoga Therapy program at Amara.

Tina Elliott

Tina Elliott is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga with over 1,000 hours of training. She currently teaches private and semi-private Hatha yoga classes at her Condo home studio located in Markham, Ontario; Kundalini yoga classes at Forward Motion Yoga in Markham; as well as teaching both styles at various studio locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Tina plans to open her own Yoga and wellness retreat in Canada, and eventually in the Caribbean.

You can contact Tina at

Rebecca Paterson

Rebecca Paterson is a certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher and 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School. She has been working in the Developmental Services field for most of her professional life. She became a Yoga teacher with the intention to provide the life enhancing experience of Yoga to people with special needs. She volunteers her Yoga teaching services at DramaWay and Pegasus Community Project, two wonderful programs for people with special needs. Rebecca also teaches throughout the city of Toronto for Parks and Recreation as well as at the the Christie-Ossingtion Community Centre. Her goal is to continue her education to be able to teach Yoga to all individuals regardless of ability.

Wahe Guru Singh

Wahe Guru Singh the general manager of a natural food store, owned by Yogaville, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been practicing Yoga and working for spiritual communities for the past thirteen years. He is certified Yogic Numerologist and has been practicing Numerology for the past six years. Wahe Guru is a member of the Global Sadhana Leadership Program, a group which is dedicated to the eradication of violence against women and girls worldwide. He is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga. He plans to continue his training in Yoga Therapy and Laughter Yoga programs.

Maggie Thomson Hayes

Maggie is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga. She teaches classes in the Beaches, Toronto. Maggie is a member of Global Sadhana and is the leader of the project “We Care with Underwear” collecting and delivering underwear to women and girls in Haiti and other areas around the globe. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working with families and young children for 41 years. Maggie is continuing her education by completing a course in Clownology. Her focus is to help children find and develop their own voice. Maggie has been married for 33 years and is a mother to three daughters, 28, 26, and 23 years of age.

Jeannie Hunter

Jeannie Hunter is the owner of an esthetics business using organic products. She is a 2010 graduate of Amara Yoga School, certified in Kundalini Yoga. Jeannie currently teaches Kundalini Yoga in the Simcoe and Ancaster, Ontario, and she is a volunteer, working with pregnant teens.

Isabelle Picard

Isabelle Picard is a certified Yoga Teacher in both Hatha Yoga and Ten Body Kundalini Yoga with over 1,000 hours of training. She has also taken continuing education courses in Women’s Studies. She has been teaching classes since 2007 at her private studio, The Yoga Life, in Barrie, Ontario. A mother of two daughters, she volunteers with local women’s resource centers. Isabelle is a member of Global Sadhana (working towards eradicating violence against women and girls). She plans to further her education with midwifery training so she can combine this science with Yoga to work with expecting mothers. Visit the Yoga Life Studio site at

Georgia Black

Georgia is a certified Sivananda and Kundalini Yoga instructor with over 1,500 hours of training. She teaches in a variety of settings such as neighbourhood & community centres, gyms, and Yoga studios in Toronto and on the east and west coasts of Canada. She is currently registered for a Diploma Program in Hospitality Management in Vancouver, BC and is working towards the creation of a healing/retreat centre where Yoga classes are offered in conjunction with fresh, local, healthy food, wilderness walks, kayak trips, and other holistic activities.

Chunmei Xu

Chunmei was an associate professor of Economics in China. She move to Canada and became a Yoga teacher after 1000 hours of training with Amara Yoga School. Her teaching style features mindfulness, intuitive flow, a focus on meditation and alignment. She teaches Classic Hatha, Mindful Hatha, Hatha Flow and Kundalini Yoga in YWCA and F.L.E.T.C (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), Brunswick, GA, USA. She teaches Kid’s Yoga in elementary schools in Brunswick, GA. Chunmei is also a certified Thai Yoga Message Practitioner. She can be reached at

Anita Handwerker

Anita is a certified Yoga teacher and has been teaching internationally since 2007. She currently lives and teaches Yoga, Meditation and English as a Second Language in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She continues her professional training in Yoga and meditation as her goal is to open a school which incorporates Yoga into ESL classes for children and adults in Puerto Vallarta. Anita can be reached at or facebook Ana Handwerker